We are proud to have 150 successful process during the past years. About 45% of the applicants managed to get scholarship or loan.

≡ Advantages of working with our group is:

  1. Experiences of more than 150 successful case will give you success.
  2. Official contract with 35 private and public university in more than 10 states guarantees your success.
  3. Being accepted in the shortest time with average of 2 month
  4. Possibility of scholarship in B.A. level up to 60000$
  5. Possibility of student loan
  6. Consulting to change the status of student visa to work and investment visa
  7. Providing tourism visa for applicant family during education
  8. Acceptance in most fields without language scores ,GRE or GMAT
  9. Direct relation with instructors and acceptance managers of universities.
  10. Planning registration, accommodation and other necessary things after arrival
  11. Financial planning of university fees, insurance and renewing issues of student visa


 Complete description about student visa in America

 Complete guide for tourist visa in America

 Types of work visa in America


≡ Consulting Services for USA student visa:

Consulting about education visa to applicants exclusively due to their registration

  • Consulting about the best registration according to applicant’s situation
  • Consulting to choose field of study according to education and job experience
  • Consulting to choose the university and suitable state based on your financial capabability
  • Consulting about scholarship and university loan if having a guarantee
  • Assessment your degree by assessment institute in USA
  • Consulting to choose suitable and relevant course in American universities
  • Reviewing different universities and Consulting about each of them
  • Consulting about registration in fields and post PhD
  • Consulting and supporting student to lease the loan and college fee
  • Consulting about TOEFL,GRE and GMAT examination to educate in USA
  • Consulting about scholarship and financial aid from American universities for top students
  • Consulting to get education loan and process of loan application


If you are applicant of student visa services fill and send the application form.